And if that's not enough to entice, there is the island of Grimsey. Situated on the Arctic Circle, 41 kilometres off the North coast of Iceland. It is 5.3 square kilometres and 5.5 kilometres long. The island is formed by volcanic rock which in places creates beautiful basalt pillars. On the East side, the island rises to 105 metres above sea level but it is lower to the West side by the island's harbour and village.  Grimsey has been inhabited since the Viking settlement of Iceland and today is home to a population of around 80. It is now possible to visit Grimsey island on the Arctic Circle straight from Akureyri Harbour, on a six hour boat tour, to experience breath-taking scenery through Eyjafjordur, whale watching, puffin watching, and a chance to disembark on the island and stand upon the 'Arctic Circle'.