Dar Danse

Dar DanseOn a remote stretch of the Atlantic Coast, just to the north of Essaouria, is a veryspecial ‘bubble on the beach’. Dar Danse is a small boutique hotel, a charmed place where you will find it easy switch off and simply..

be. Home to the Filpi family, whose daughter Francesca is a former dancer of The Royal Ballet, this wondrous place with it’s unique open-air studio as it’s beating heart, allows it’s visitors a very special retreat.

A place where the ever changing ocean provides a splendid backdrop - some days a lagoon of crystal blue, and others, wild and charismatic, with the waves crashing on to the sandy shore... just as they have always done since before life even began.

Dar DanceAt Dar Danse, time simply does stand still. A fisherman may arrive by donkey to offer  his morning catch, a goat herder may graze his flock by the stone walls and where swallows dip gracefully in and out of the shimmering pool.

This truly is a unique place to come and relax and enjoy.

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