The Topkapi Palace, The Archaeological Museum & The Museum of Turkish & Islamic Art are just a few gems in which to indulge. Explore these historical wonders as well as delving into the colourful labyrinth of more than 4000 shops that make up the Grand Bazaar. Not to be missed is the Egyptian Bazaar, and a cruise along the Straits of the Bosphorus to the mouth of the Black Sea.

Include in your journey a trip to Mount Nemrut in South Eastern Anatolia. The huge stone heads on the summit of Mount Nemrut were built by King Antiochus I Theos, who ruled the Commagene Kingdom between 64 and 38BC. To glorify his rule, the king had three enormous terraces (east west and north) cut into the mountaintop.

Colossal statues of himself and the major Gods (both Greek & Persian) of the kingdom were placed on the terraces and the summit became a sanctuary where the king was worshipped. This enigmatic site was discovered in 1881 by a German engineer, Karl Sester, but was not fully documented until the 1990’s.

Trips can be tailored in duration, to suit both your pocket and number in your party. For couples or for a group of friends.