Day 1
Fly London to Istanbul  (Hotel)

Day 2
Take an early morning flight from Istanbul to Sanliurfa, and spend the morning exploring this ancient city. There is a remarkable Middle-Eastern atmosphere amongst the stone medieval homes and courtyards, bazaars and mosques. (Hotel)

Day 3
Make the journey north through Kahta and commence your ascent of Mount Nemrut. A chance to experience sunset amongst the giant statues. (Hotel)

Day 4
If you wish, return for sunrise on Mount Nemrut, and then after breakfast continue your journey westwards into Central Anatolia and the region of Cappadocia. (Hotel)

Day 5
Your first full day to start exploring the unique landscape, formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, rain and wind. Over time it has been shaped  by human hands with its rock-cut houses and medieval churches. Enjoy the sunset from some wonderful panoramic view points surrounding the town.

Day 6
Take a tour of the Open Air Museum in Goreme, the largest of the monastic settlements in the region and home to some of the most fascinating frescoes. In the evening a chance to enter a caravanserai where the Whirling Dervishes perform their mystic dance. (Hotel)

Day 7
The best part of the day to continue enjoying this surreal landscape, before heading off to Kayseri in the late afternoon to take the evening flight to Istanbul (Hotel)

Day 8
Staying in the monumental district of Sultanahmet, your first full day to start  exploring this incredible city where east meets west. Visit Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque and chance to explore the magnificent  Topkapi palace,  home to the Ottoman sultans up until the 19th century. (Hotel)

Day 9
Take a leisurely cruise on the Bosphorus, where you can experience & enjoy the city from the water, journeying along the straits that separate Europe from Asia and join the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. (Hotel)

Day 10
Depart for London

"Life, after all, is a journey
           - a voyage of discovery"